On the tenth day of Christmas…

…my true love sent to me: ten Sweeney’s Pies, nine Whitley Crescent, eight Russell Terrace, Seven Bridges House, six hexagons, five Abbey gates, four time pieces, three Thames bridges, two ancient monuments and an Inner Distribution Road.

Two of the 10 Sweeney’s pies my true love sent to me

Sweeney & Todd at 10 Castle Street is one of Reading’s independent restaurants and food suppliers that has kept us comfortably fuelled through two years of pandemic with their range of pies.

10 and 12 Castle Street are listed Grade II buildings (1154727) dating from around 1800 in the St Mary’s Butts/Castle Street Conservation Area.

As part of Reading’s High Streets Heritage Action Zone project (HSHAZ), Reading CAAC members wrote two blogs about Castle Street and St Mary’s Butts for Reading Museum Castle Street & St Mary’s Butts: A short walk through time – part 1 & part 2.

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