Board of Health maps 1853 digitised

Berkshire Record Office (BRO) has placed high resolution digitised copies of Reading's Board of Health maps on their website. The maps, produced in 1853 by Borough surveyor John Clancy, are an exceptionally detailed and useful record of the town. BRO say: 'Each map shows the detail of sanitary provision in Reading Borough, as surveyed in… Continue reading Board of Health maps 1853 digitised

Local Listing of 85-88 Broad Street

Reading Planning Applications Committee on 12 January 2022 approved Reading CAAC's nomination of the addition of 85-88 Broad Street to Reading's List of Locally Important Buildings and Structures. L to R: 88-84 Broad Street The reasons for the listing are summarised in the committee report (para 4.4) as that the group of four shops: Is… Continue reading Local Listing of 85-88 Broad Street

On the tenth day of Christmas… true love sent to me: ten Sweeney's Pies, nine Whitley Crescent, eight Russell Terrace, Seven Bridges House, six hexagons, five Abbey gates, four time pieces, three Thames bridges, two ancient monuments and an Inner Distribution Road. Two of the 10 Sweeney's pies my true love sent to me Sweeney & Todd at 10 Castle… Continue reading On the tenth day of Christmas…

St Marys Butts/Castle Street blogs for Reading Museum

Buses in St Marys Butts A Short Walk Through Time is the title of two blogs that we have written for Reading Museum. Part 1 takes the story of the conservation area from medieval times to around the start of the nineteenth century. Part 2 brings the story right up to date including recent developments… Continue reading St Marys Butts/Castle Street blogs for Reading Museum