On the fourth day of Christmas…

…my true love sent to me: four time pieces, three Thames bridges, two scheduled monuments and an Inner Distribution Road.

Walking up High Street and around Market Place there are four time pieces on show: Jacobs clock, Market Way clock, the sundial on St Laurence’s church and at least one of the clock faces on the Town Hall.

Unfortunately the Jacobs clock has been stuck at 5.45 for some time, the Market Way clock at 3.05 and the sundial needs sun. The Town Hall clock reliably displays the correct time and chimes every quarter of an hour.

All the time pieces are in the Market Place/London Street Conservation Area. The Jacobs Jewellers building is recognised as a building of townscape merit but is not nationally listed, the Market Way entrance (Corn Exchange Arcade Entrance) is listed Grade II (1113589), St Laurence’s Church is listed Grade I (1113532) and the part of the Town Hall with the clock tower is Grade II* (1113400).

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