On the seventh day of Christmas…

…my true love sent to me: Seven Bridges House, six hexagons, five Abbey gates, four time pieces, three Thames bridges, two ancient monuments and an Inner Distribution Road.

Seven Bridges House

Seven Bridges House on Bridge Street now stands all alone between the entrance to the Oracle Holy Brook car park and a staff entrance to the Oracle but once it was at the centre of a bustling brewery site.

The house was probably part of Sowdon’s Brewery which was adjacent to H & G Simonds Seven Bridges Brewery and was auctioned in 1851.

The building became H & G Simonds social club in 1921 and was opened by Mr F A Simonds on 11 November that year. After the social club moved to Castle Street in 1960 the property was refurbished and renamed ‘Seven Bridges House’. The brewery used it as a reception centre to entertain visitors and train licensees.

For more information and photographs of H & G Simonds Brewery, public house estate and digitised copies of the Hop Leaf Gazette see the Simonds family website.

The house is listed Grade II (1321991) and is now in use as offices.

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