On the sixth day of Christmas…

…my true love sent to me: six hexagons, five Abbey gates, four time pieces, three Thames bridges, two ancient monuments and an Inner Distribution Road.

Hexagon entrance January 2020

The first hexagon is The Hexagon which opened in 1977. Since the Civic Offices were demolished in 2016 the true beauty of the building has been revealed. In September 2021 Historic England stated that the venue does not currently meet the criteria for listing. The reasons why and a detailed description of the architecture can be found on the Heritage Gateway.

The Hexagon is surrounded by three other hexagons in the immediate area.

Reading is a town of hexagons. The now demolished 1970s civic offices were an agglomeration of hexagons. We love the hexagon so much that we made it the Reading Borough Council logo.

Hexagon topped bollards can be found all over Reading.

These Northumberland Avenue flats are decorated with hexagons.

Flats on Northumberland Avenue

8 thoughts on “On the sixth day of Christmas…”

  1. The Hexagon is great. But please please don’t try to get it listed. That might make it really hard to upgrade it subsequently to provide improved capacity/acoustics/technology needed to maintain its viability into the future.

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