Three new local heritage listings with Huntley & Palmers links

Reading Borough Council has recently added three sites with links to Huntley & Palmers biscuits to its list of Locally Important Buildings and Structures. 2022 is the bi-centenary of the establishment of the business by Joseph Huntley on London Street. A programme to celebrate 200 years of Reading ‘Biscuit Town’ has been launched and Reading’s tourist publicity has been stepped up.

The first to be added, at the end of 2021, was the former Huntley & Palmers Garden, now King’s Road Garden, next to the Kennet (LL17).

The former Huntley & Palmers Social Club, was added on 2 March (LL19).

Finally the buildings and park gates at Palmer Park dating from the opening of the park in 1891 were added to the list on 30 March.

Palmer Park keeper’s house and pavilion

Huntley & Palmers Social Club and the garden were both nominated by Reading CAAC and the Palmer Park buildings by Councillor Josh Williams.

Nominations for additions to the local list can be made using an online form on Reading Borough Council’s website. Requests for additions to the list must be supported by information and evidence for the age of the building and its historic and architectural significance. Research on a building can take some time to accumulate but the form can be saved as you go before it is submitted.

Reading’s Planning Applications Committee which meets approximately once a month gives final approval to all additions to the list following a consultation process.

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