Welcome to Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee website

We thought it was about time that we had a website so that we can communicate with you about what we do and how we are progessing.

We have a lot to tell you about. Reading Conservation Area Advisory Committee has a wide ranging brief in relation to Reading’s heritage.

Our main aims are:

To advise RBC when preparing Conservation Area Character Appraisals or policies for the preservation and enhancement of a Conservation Areas, heritage sites or other areas deemed to be of historical import. As appropriate, to take the lead in revising Conservation Area appraisals and formulating policies for particular Conservation Areas (including making positive proposals for their enhancement and measures for their general care and maintenance). To initiate the consideration of and to make recommendations concerning the boundaries of potential Conservation Areas. To make recommendations for modifications to the boundaries of existing Conservation Areas.

We also comment on planning applications and assist in furthering the education, involvement and support of the local bodies and the general public in conservation issues.

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